Private investigations, the protection of the individual in first place

Caledonia intervenes with professionalism and respect in the private sphere in order to protect the rights, well-being, safety, and health of the individual.

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Do you need confidential investigation, while protecting your privacy?

Caledonia stands alongside you in every delicate aspect of your private sphere, operating with commitment and professionalism to protect your interests. With well established experience in human relations, during all stages Caledonia can act to understand and analyse your real needs, demonstrating exceptional capacity for active listening, applying both para-verbal and non-verbal techniques. Caledonia conducts this type of investigative activity with maximum reserve and professionalism.
Investigations in the private sphere can include a variety of contexts.

Marital infidelity

Establish clarity in your marital relationship

This type of investigation aims to ascertain the incidental infidelity of a spouse and can provide evidence for use in legal procedures for separation. This information can serve when submitting demands for maintenance and alimony.

Asset investigation

How to establish the profile of an individual

In cases of prenuptial legal agreements these investigations serve to define the economic and reputational profile of the person with whom you intend to form a marital bond in order to protect your own assets.

Monitoring juveniles

Do you want to protect your children?

Investigative activities monitoring juveniles aim at identifying any anomalous or deviant behaviours that might lead to dangerous situations for the underage person.
Caledonia acts to safeguard the safety and health of the juvenile, informing the reference adults of any anomalous behaviours like frequentation of undesirable groups of individuals, use and abuse of alcohol or narcotics, exposure to contexts of grooming, sexual extortion, bullying, and cyber-bullying.