indagini economiche e finanziarie

Economic and financial investigations, a boost for your business

Caledonia conducts economic and financial investigations both before and after the initiation of new business relations in order to check the financial solvency of natural and/or legal persons.

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How to take advantage of new business opportunities in maximum security

If your objective is to keep growing your company by embracing new opportunities, then you need the support of professionals to verify the effective reliability of each new initiative.
Caledonia has developed a specialized approach for transforming every business opportunity into a reliable boost for your company, guaranteeing maximum security along your growth path.

Due Diligence

Do you want to fully understand a financial negotiation?

Due diligence measures, conducted before or after the event, highlight the benefits of a given financial initiative while also delineating any risks or problems in order to promote business opportunities that favour company profits. This type of company investigation is conducted during the acquisition or disposal of businesses and companies, the issue of financial instruments, or in preparation for acquisition of shares in mutual funds or property investments.

Through a detailed investigative procedure, Caledonia is able to establish the financial solvency and economic profile of the natural and/or legal persons with whom you have decided to establish commercial relations, so that you can act with confidence. A full range of checks are conducted to mitigate any risks during the negotiation of contractual terms and conditions, while also predisposing adequate instruments for guarantees, indemnity, or compensation.