Company investigations for the protection of assets

Every company generates value using their assets, which comprise both intellectual property and material means.

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Do you want to protect the intellectual property and assets of your company?

Caledonia is the ideal partner for resolving every issue of safety for your company’s assets.
Thanks to over 15 years of experience in security and risk management, Caledonia has perfected a methodology to prevent, contain, and manage risks associated with the operation of a company, allowing it to continue generating its unique value.
The investigative strategies cover various aspects of company life, protecting intellectual property and material assets.

Unfair competition

How to prevent illicit behaviour by competitors

Caledonia’s strategies to contrast unfair competition first concentrate on identifying harmful behaviour or breaches of the principles of fair competition. These factors can negatively influence relationships within a company, business to business, outside of the company, or business to consumer.
Whatever your company activities include, Caledonia can offer protection through meticulous investigations by highly qualified professionals.

Piracy of brands and patents

Do you like to be sure that a brand is an original?

For Caledonia every brand in its originality and creativity represents an identifying instrument for the company, and it needs to be protected together with the patents that embody the company know-how. Investigations into the falsification of brands and patents aim to protect these assets.
The action to counter falsification and brand piracy acts contemporarily in two directions, protecting both your business activity and consumers.

Disloyalty of partners and employees

How to check their loyalty

Caledonia operates with the conviction that people represent a unique value for every company. Investigations into the disloyalty of partners, collaborators, and employees aim to establish whether any of these figures maintain relations in conflict with or harmful to the interests of the company, or behaves in infringement of the obligation of loyalty and non competition. In all these cases, Caledonia can conduct investigations targeted to protect your interests.

“Article 2105 of the Italian Civil Code stipulates the obligation of loyalty of employees, which prohibits competition and requires confidentiality. Violation of the obligation of loyalty comprises grounds for disciplinary action (v. 2106), as well as liability for damages suffered by the employer. In addition to this civil law protection there are also criminal law implications regarding the protection of company and professional confidentiality (Arts. 621-623 Italian Criminal Code). Workers must therefore abstain from any behaviour in contravention of the presumed good faith of the working relationship since the violation of the obligation of loyalty represents a contractual infringement.”

Absenteeism and abuse of leave of absence

Do you want to be sure of the loyalty of an employee?

Checking whether a condition of incapacity to work and/or illness are real is a right of all employers. Incidental abuses and incorrect behaviour by your company employees who violate the pact of loyalty can compromise regular productivity and cause concrete harm.

Employees have two obligations: the prohibition of competition and the obligation of confidentiality, the violation of which comprise liability for disciplinary action under both Italian civil and criminal law. Workers must therefore abstain from any behaviour in contravention of the presumed good faith of the working relationship, like for example an inappropriate use of sick leave or leave of absence. Caledonia conducts this type of investigation in compliance with all legal provisions.