Digital forensics to protect digital data integrity

Digital forensic investigations identify and extract digital data for use as proof in diverse investigative contexts.

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Your data are assets, so how to protect them?

In response to the growing development of new technologies, Caledonia has defined a technical investigative system complementary to and synergic with other company methodologies, designed to guarantee maximum security for your data assets in both private and company contexts.
Caledonia has brought its own know-how to this discipline, establishing a scientific methodology compliant with international digital forensics procedures.

Digital Forensics

Digital data are company assets

Our digital forensics are compliant with international procedures and provide a sophisticated scientific methodology for identifying, acquiring, managing, analysing, and interpreting digital traces inside computers or electronic devices, usable as digital evidence or proof within investigative activities.

Caledonia starts from identification of potential information repositories and through a delicate procedure ensures subsequent acquisition and extraction of the digital data while protecting their integrity. This is followed by an in-depth analysis and interpretation stage for all the digital traces identified.

Caledonia’s computer experts process the data derived from various devices like personal computers, servers, mobile phones, smartphones, satellite navigators, network traffic, log files, and cloud data, proceeding through the complex process of acquisition and interpretation of this resource in order to ensure its integrity.