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Debugging checks, protecting privacy with technology

Caledonia’s debugging checks aim to establish an adequate level of security in private contexts like homes and offices, and are complementary to our various other investigative activities, both private and company based.

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Do you want to protect your privacy from illicit bugging?

Debugging checks are necessary to guarantee an adequate level of protection from the risk of spying in your home or company.
This procedure eliminates illicit intrusions, interceptions, and improper transmission of information.

Debugging checks in homes

Ensure your privacy with Caledonia

Caledonia customizes its operating strategy according to your needs, conducting inspections for the detection of bugs (audio and video). Debugging aims to provide security for your private life, protecting the individual and treating privacy as a primary asset.

Caledonia’s specialized approach is designed to guarantee the security of electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, and other digital memory devices, with a service that can be extended to entire homes.

Debugging checks in companies

Protecting your company's data

Transmission of financial or economic data about your company can present a high risk factor for the development of your business. The security of this data can be protected with large scale ambient debugging checks. Caledonia can graduate the form of intervention from manual inspection up to the use of state-of-art technological instrumentation capable of detecting digital bugs (audio and video) including professional spying systems.

Caledonia’s specialized approach is designed to guarantee the security of all your company’s electronic devices, including computers, telephones, and other digital memory devices, and is capable of intervening on the large scale to ensure the security of entire buildings.