Credit management and recovery as a science

Over its many years of experience, Caledonia has developed a highly specialized approach to credit management for private citizens and companies in the banking, financial, and leasing or renting sectors.

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Preventing company risks? Caledonia has made this into a science.

We make detailed studies of all risk factors and resolve every issue associated with credit management with maximum efficiency and speed. Caledonia’s methodology involves preventing, managing, and minimizing risks through fast recovery operations.
By combining the synergic measures of phone and home collection we can rapidly resolve harmful situations, avoiding the costs associated with legal actions. Each intervention is managed according to the type and age of the credit in order to identify the best customized strategy for your needs and with the underlying aim of keeping costs down.

Phone Collection

When the objective is maximum effectiveness and speed

The speed and effectiveness of intervention are key factors in credit management.
Phone collection is conducted entirely by internal staff who are specifically trained and specialized to ensure competence and rapid success.
This intervention is based on telephone solicitations over a number of days and time brackets during the period of operation in order to resolve the situation with maximum efficiency.

Home Collection

Recovering your credit becomes our priority

Caledonia’s intervention is dynamic and flexible, covering the entire Italian territory and beyond. Home collection is conducted through an extensive network of internal professionals and the fiscal collection network, capable of sensitively and efficiently managing any problems with constant monitoring of the situation.

The main objective of all Caledonia’s strategies is to recover the credit in the shortest possible time and avoid the costs associated with legal actions.