Caledonia come partner della tua sicurezza

Constant growth and evolution over the years

Specialized in risk management, credit recovery, and investigations, always keeping the individual person as the focus.

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Caledonia as partners for your security

Trust Caledonia, a company specialized in the prevention, management, and monitoring of risk for companies and private individuals.
Our name, a place also indicated on old maps as Îles Loyauté or “Loyalty Islands”, is intended to fully characterize our Risk & Security Management, always maintaining the seminal principles of professional ethics and specialized skills. Our fields of intervention are numerous: from credit or company asset recovery, to investigations involving companies, insurance, commerce, economic- financial status, private issues, and legal defence.

Antonello Andreoni
“The essence of risk management
for Caledonia is understanding
the situation, knowing the limits,
and framing it all within a logic
that protects the interests
of the company and individual.”

Antonello Andreoni

Relational specialization and ethics to offer enhanced professionalism

An innovative and organized approach

Our robust internal structure, including highly qualified staff in the legal/technical and relational spheres, can assist you in the risk management and security of your company or private life, always upholding your rights.

Caledonia’s service operates as a partnership for exploring the interaction of the various risk factors that could compromise your business or private life, focusing in on the most effective strategy while ensuring maximum support and professionalism at every stage.

caledonia history

Caledonia, the milestones in our innovation process

Each step towards the future was taken starting from a careful analysis of the past, developing within the on-going challenges that shaped the identity of the company and its capacity for constant evolution towards new achievements and more refined skills.


Foundation of the company and start of operations with a licence for credit recovery


Acquisition of a licence for investigations in the 4 spheres provided for in the Italian ministerial decree


Acquisition of a licence for defensive investigations


Initiation of international activity with the opening of an office in Switzerland


Acquisition of a Swiss licence for investigation


Transfer of the Swiss office to the new base in Chiasso


Company name changed to Caledonia S.p.A. and transfer of the registered office to Bresso


Important milestone of professional maturity with the company's 15th birthday